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    Build your dream team for the dynamic flexible, organic and printable electronics industries. OPE Careers is a unique web portal to promote your career opportunities across North America and abroad. For industry professionals and employers alike, the journey to connect talent with opportunity begins right here.

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    Top Tier Careers

    Organic, Printable & Flexible Electronics is an emerging sector that offers ample opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies for diverse market verticals such as intelligent buildings, flexible lighting, energy harvesting, intelligent packaging and wearables. This multibillion-dollar global growth industry is turning the stuff of science fiction into real products. If you want to build a career in this exciting field, your search for that next great job starts here.

    Targeted Audience

    Career seekers and employers face the same challenge – standing out from the crowd. Don’t get lost on giant and generic job sites that lack industry focus. With its emphasis on Organic Printable & Flexible Electronics, OPE Careers isn’t just a listing service, it’s a specialized networking portal where anyone from across the global industry can connect with anyone else. That includes potential end users in search of new technologies that can address pressing challenges in their market verticals.

    Value for Money

    As an employer, get more bang for your buck with rates that are competitive, if not better, than generic job sites. Of course, the true value isn’t in the cost, but the return on your investment. With OPE Careers, avoid the clutter typical of most job sites and position your career opportunities in front of the right talent, at the right time. All careers are also cross promoted on intelliFLEX platforms to further benefit your talent search.

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